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xntp3 and local time zone setting

I am very pleased with my brand new kabel internet connection.
My Debian box does the masquerading trick great.
Now I would like to install a time client, in order to keep
my system up to date. I installed xntp3 and it seems to return
the time very well. The problem is that it (seems to) assume
that I am on a GMT time zone instead of WET. this means
that it tells me that my clock is about 3600 secs out!
My machine does use GMT time, and Linux corrects for this on
os-level, I assume.
Is it possible to set some parameter to overcome this time
zone difference? The xntp3 docs did not give an aswer, so
I am assuming that it should be on the Linux side.

Thanks a lot,

Erik van der Meulen

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