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Re: transferring large files from DOS/Windoze to Debian

If your home machine is dual boot, you could transfer to the MS
side with laplink, reboot to Debian, and mount the FAT partition.

If you resort to floppies, at least some zip programs in MS-land allow
you to split big files into many, floppy-sized, files.  Debian can
mount floppies, and with the zip package, process zip files.

Your mini-com, kermit idea can prolly be made to work, but I have no
experience with this.


On Sun, Nov 01, 1998 at 10:58:33AM -0000, Chris Evans wrote:
> Is there a way to transfer large files from DOS/Windoze machines 
> to Debian if you only have a null modem or floppies to "connect" 
> the two?
> I want to download some large files for Debian (staroffice and a 
> newer kernel source).  My Debian machine is now at home and it 
> will cost a fortune to download them at 14.4k over the 'phone but I 
> can catch them with my NT machine at work for free and put them 
> on my Win95 portable (conversion to Debian for this is 
> planned!!!)  with laplink.
> Is there a good way to transfer them from the portable to the 
> Debian machine?  I have a feeling that kermit or another protocol at 
> each end of the null modem cable is the best answer.  I can get 
> kermit or the like for the portable and I have minicom on the Debian 
> machine.
> Failing that, anything that will split files under DOS/doze in a way 
> that they can be reassembled after floppy transfer under Debian?

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