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Re: My mail doesn't work at all :((((((((((((((( (fwd)

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, M.C. Vernon wrote:

> A message that you sent could not be delivered to all of its recipients.
> The following address(es) failed:
>   mcv21@cus.cam.ac.uk:
>     SMTP error from remote mailer after end of data:
>     host taurus.cus.cam.ac.uk []:
>     550 rejected:
>     cannot route to sender <mcv21@pick.sel.cam.ac.uk>
> Sorry to keep on, but this is begginning to really bug me :(

Oh, it looks like you configured the system for local mail only. This
means that it can not send mail to any sites except localhost. Rerun
eximconfig with the --force option and tell it you are an internet site or
a site with a smarthost and give it your ISP's or campus' mailhost as the

George Bonser

The Linux "We're never going out of business" sale at an FTP site near you!

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