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Re: Debian Menu Methods & WMaker Menu Config

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, jim r wrote:

> I've installed several non-debian packages (some RPMs and what not). How 
> do I safely update my Window Maker menus? If I hand-jam the changes, 
> will the results be wiped out the next time I install a .deb? or....will 
> the changes cause a .deb install (specifically the menu update part) to 
> screw up?

Debian normally uses (if you installed the menu package) information
provided in /usr/lib/menu, and normal .debs install their information
there. After unpacking a new .deb, normally a program named 'update-menus'
is called. So, the perfect way to solve your problem is to create a new
file called /usr/lib/menu/rpms the same way like the others including the
calls to your locally installed rpms, and then call update-menus as root. 
This way the changes would persist when a .deb calls update-menus after
installation. And it should work for all window managers in one run.

Lukas Eppler (godot)

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