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conflicts in Debian Distributions

Simple answer... You CANNOT install everything on the CD.  But this is
not a bug.  Debian provides you with at least two ways (maybe more) of
doing everything.  Many of these packages cannot co-exist.  You can't
have two (or  more) mail clients installed at the same time,  kaos
would result!  But debain provides several of them so you can pick the
one that suits your needs best.  There are at least half a dozen
window managers in X for example, you can only use one.  Here though
all may be copied to the disk, but only one may be 'installed'.  There
is a difference between being copied to disk, and installed to run.  

I would agree however, that a good description of each package would
help you decide what to install.

I just would like to know if Debian 2.0 has conflicting software
in it like Debian 1.3.1 .  

Background:  Debian 1.3.1 would not let you install all the software
in the release.  Installing all the software in the release saves a
lot of time, and hard drive space is cheeper than time.  

I have used Debian 1.3.1 in the past but I think that having packages
that confict is a bad thing.  I think that making all the packages
in Debian compatable would be a big plus.  In Debian 1.3.1 this is
not the cast.  For example you cannot install emacs and xemacs in
Debian 1.3.1 .
I'm guessing some of the filenames in these two packages are the same.
To get rid of this confict you can just install them in different
directories or
something like that.  

It's a pain to have to pick through 1000 + packages to install.  I
prefer to just
install all of them without picking through them.  Hard disk space is
now cheep,

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