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Re: HP Laser Jet 5L anyone?

I've experiened similar problems and couldn't find an answer in the list
archives. Thanks for the tip. But could you tell me/us what other files
are necessary to print html files? Whenever I try to print from
netscape, I just get the plain ascii html source file instead of the
"meat" of the message. Is there something I'm missing here? Also, when
printing from netscape, I'm not getting the lat few inches of the page.
I'm using version 4.5 of netscape (glibc), and I just installed it using
ns-install. Could this be my problem? I've seen posts that suggest that
one should place the netscape tar.gz file in /tmp and use dselect to
install netscape, but I thought that only applied to libc5 versions.

Thanks again.



stick@richnet.net wrote:
> I've setup a 5L for one of my clients using magicfilter.
> Here is a copy of their /etc/printcap:
> #

> Note that they are using the ljet4 filter.  It's important that you select
> a filter that is designed for a printer that *does* *not* have PS support,
> *AND* that you have gs installed.

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