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Re: dselect taking a _looong_ time

Erik Forsberg wrote:
> When I use dselect, with the debian distribution mounted from a local
> nfs mirror, it really takes quite a horrible time telling me it's
> skipping deselected packages. I'm not so interested ! :)
> I think I've read somewhere there is a way to get dselect to just
> install the packages I've asked for, and quit. Without taking half a
> year listing all availiable packages.
> Am I wrong ? Where do I RTFM ?

I don't know where you may have read it, but I got tired of watching the
endless stream of messages too. So I now have all my computers use ftp.
Here are my general notes on the subject;

1. mount the cd as /cdrom, i.e. mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom
2. set dslect to use ftp
3. use passive mode
4. username is some name other than root
5. password for that user
6. debian directory is /cdrom
7. ftp proxy is no
8. distributions is stable ( thats all thats on my cd )

I think thats all I did to get it to work. I also do that on other
machines instead of NFS or switching cd's or anything.

Try it, I'll bet you like it. I do :)

Can't seem to get apt to work the same way though!


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