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Re: ***HUGE*** security hole??!! (Re: Lost root passwd)

-> >    Basic Unix Secruity 101 - If the person has physical access to the
-> >machine, there *IS* *NO* *SECURITY*.  Want proof?
-> >
-> >    I pop the HD out, place it as slave on my machine, mount what I want, end
-> >of story.  Before this thread goes any further I recommend that anyone who
-> >considers this a "threat" that is addressable by Debian to go read "Practical
-> >Unix Security" from O'Reilly and Associates.  Esp. anything relating to the
-> >physical security of the machine.
-> That's what cryptographic filesystems are designed to cope with.

in that case the key should be stored not in the computer and the person who
has the key must be there when the filesystem is being mounted...not very
good but usable in some special cases... 

 Matus "fantomas" Uhlar, sysadmin at NETLAB+ Kosice, Slovakia
 BIC coord for *.sk; admin of netlab.irc.sk; co-admin of irc.felk.cvut.cz

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