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WORKAROUND: lowmem installation trouble

On Thu, Oct 15, 1998 at 08:55:36PM +0200, joost@pc47.mpn.cp.philips.com wrote:

> There appears to be a bug in the installation sequence.  What happens is
> that in effect the swap partition doesn't get activated when the system is
> first booted.  Ouch! on a machine already low on memory! 
> I can't remember the exact order of what happens, but this is what I make
> of it:  After you've gone through the special lowmem steps to prepare a

This was the hint I needed (having been fighting a lowmem install

Here is a (relatively clean) workaround.

Do the low memory installation by the numbers until you get to the point
where you're given some choices about swap. None of the choices applies
because you've already initialized and activated a swap partition
as part of the lowmem install, and whatever you select will break
something at some point in the remaining installation process.

At this point use Alt-F2 to get another console, and do this:

# cat /proc/meminfo

It should show you (1) that you have swap available, and (2) that no
swap is currently being used. If condition (2) isn't met you'll have to
take Joost's route.

If you're among the fortunate, do the following:

# /sbin/swapoff /dev/hda3
(my swap partition, use yours, please)


# cat /proc/meminfo

should show no swap available. Now exit the second console and select
"Activate a Previously Initialized Swap Partition" from the installation
menu and do the rest of the installation by the numbers. Your /etc/fstab
will be created correctly, and you should be able to reboot your low
memory machine successfully when the installation is complete (at least
I could, 386SX16 with 4MB).

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