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Command `man' not available

Hi Dear Debian Users,

        I am a newbie to Linux.  I just dowloaded the Debian 2.0 floppy
base installation set a few days ago. These includes
                1. resc1440.bin                5.
base14-1.bin                9. base14-5.bin
                2. drv1440.bin                 6.
base14-2.bin               10. install.txt
                3. fips15.zip                    7. base14-3.bin
                4. rawrite2.exe               8. base14-4.bin

The installation process is smooth and booted OKay.
        When I tried to use the command man by typing man whoami at the
$ prompt, the system respond with:
                                    bash: man: command not found
then I looked at the /bin and /usr/bin with ls, there is no man !

        Where is the man command as it was described in the
Debian Tutorial | Chapter 4 | The Basics | 4.1 The command line and man
pages on

Thanks for your reply in advance.

Sherab Puntsok

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