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Re: More robust filesystem?

|> Then people will use the power off switch. And I can't cut that off
|> because it's used to switch the workstations off when the lab closes!

I happened to be in the public library of the Beaubourg in Paris this
summer, looking for some free net access.

They provide a roomfull of machines from which people can use
netscape, telnet and so on for free. I was interested to notice that
all of these machines were running Linux (don't know what
flavour). And I was fascinated and horrified to notice that every user
ended their session by simply hitting the power-off button. Finesse
gallique. The machines rebooted without complaint every time
though. Each machine must have this happen to it at least 30 or 40
times a day.

So there must be some way to do it,


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