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Re: debian network workstation

Stephen J. Carpenter said
> On Wed, Oct 14, 1998 at 08:12:21AM -0700, Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> > I have an old 386-25 computer with 8m of memory, a 100mb hd, et4000
> > based video card with 1m of display memory.  The mb has no cache, and
> > only ISA slots.  I would like to use this machine as a networked
> > station tied to my k6-233 acting as a server.  I have an acton ne2000
> > clone I can put in the 386.
> > 
> > Can I boot linux off the network?  Can I put most of the file system
> > on the network (IE the workstation would mount /bin, /usr, /etc from
> > the network and maybe even /host/xxxx.  What would be then minimun
> > filesystem that would have to be on the local drive?  
> > 
> Network bootng is easy...
> you could get away with no hard drive and just a boot disk!
> (or as little as a few megav=bytes of disk space)
Absolutely!  One company (IGEL LLC) has done just that!  They have a line of
workstations that have a *minimal* filesystem stored in the ROMS (along with
the kernel) another FS is stored in CMOS (holds /etc stuff).  Their minimal
configuration is a 386sx-16 w/ 8MB RAm and no HD.  It works!

> I would check out my web page
> http://people.delphi.com/sjc/linux/poor.html
> this is the "Poor Man's XTerminal" it is for setting up a diskless
> netbooting XTerminal from a aPC.... it could be adapted for non-X use
> (ie as a network terminal etc)
> -Steve
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Almost forgot...IGEL's solution has been on the market for over 3 years now.
One of my clients has had 3 of these systmes in place since Feb. 1996.  They
are ZERO administration boxes - I've not done a thing to (or with) them since
they were installed.

There's no reason why anyone can't put together such a solution...


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