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HELP: lp daemon not present

I am having trouble printing in WP8 under Linux 2.0 but have no problem
under any other program, eg Netscape. I have a Lexmark
 Optra R+ set to lp  using Printer Create/Edit , then Setup, then
Destination in WP. When I click on Print, WP says the print job has been
queued but the printer does not get fed the file. When I try again, WP
queues the file a second time. When I invoke lpq (to look at the print
queue), it reports the queue empty. My printcap file is

 lp|lex|lex|Lexmark OptraR+:\

Just ran lpc status and it reported:

 queuing is enabled
        printing is enabled
        no entries
        no daemon present

No daemon present suggests that may be the problem, but why doesn't it
show up under other programs??

What do I do from here? As you can see, I am a rank newbie. Any
suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

Albert Hurd

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