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Re: Can't load library

Ken Archer wrote:
> Trying to get Netscape 4.5b2 up and running on Debian 2.0, I get
> the error message that:
> Netscape: cannot load library "libXpm.so.4"
> I have the same Netscape running fine on a Suse 5.2 partition with libXpm.so.4
> installed in the same default directory (/usr/X11R6/lib).  

Did you run ldconfig after libXpm was installed? 

$ ldconfig -p | grep libXpm

should tell you if libXpm is being "seen".


$ ldd /usr/bin/netscape 

should list the libraries needed by the netscape binary (replace
/usr/bin/netscape with whatever is approriate for your installation) and
whether they are found in the system.

> I have used
> Slackware, Red Hat, Suse and now Debian.  I had no idea there was so much
> difference between the setup on Debian and the other dist.  I would appreciate
> a well placed nudge in the right direction.

Hope that is not a well placed nudge in the direction of Netscape. ;-)

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