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Re: Change route from suid script?

On Mon, Oct 05, 1998 at 10:52:08AM +0200, Jon Kaare Hellan wrote:
> I've got ppp interfaces defined for the workplaces of me and my wife,
> and use a small script to switch the default route to the interface
> that needs to be active.

ok...sounds interesting...

> This works, but I have to be root. I've tried to make the script
> suid/guid root, but get a SIOC.... error message from /sbin/route.

scripts can not be made SUID/SGID

It was discovered that SUID scripts tend to be a security hole
It is for this reason that they are just plain not allowed under

> I would prefer not to have to be root to choose the default
> route. Embedding the commands to /sbin/route in a suid/guid C-program
> works. Is there another workaround?

hmmm have you looked at sudo ?

its a great command and coul dbe used from a script


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