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What to do with a patch for a stable package?

Hi Debian community,

I'm very new to Debian but not to Linux. I realy appreciate the .deb
format. But now I have a problem:

I installed the squid.deb package out of the stable packages. Now there
was a log messages repeated 800 thousand times and wasted 74 MB: not so
good on my 200 MB partition. One of the squid team wrote a patch (3
lines code) which I have here. What should I do?

1. Send the patch to the maintainer of squid.deb, hoping he will include
it and store the new deb package on the web/ftp-server. Meanwhile
installing the patch myself by installing the package sources, inserting
the patch and compiling it.

2. Wrote to some debug list?

3. Or should I do everything local (patching source and compile) because
nobody will care?

Have I forgotten anything? Somebody else to report to?

Thanks for any advice,

Juergen Nagler

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