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Re: ISP and Network Card Connection Trouble

*-"Wilson Tuma" <wilson@fpvc.com>
| Hi
| Let me start by thanking all your for your magnificient support. I was given
| a pointer wvdial at http://www.worldvisions.ca/wvdial  a program that
| automatically detects and configures your modem under linux to dial into
| your isp. Really I was impressed. It took under a minute to configure my
| modem and dial to me ISP and all I had to do was stare and marvel.
| Well my modem is working and I can connect to my isp but I can't
| communicate.  When wvdial connect you to your isp it automatically starts
| the pppd (ppp deamon). Once it did that I type
| fpt ftp.debian.org  and got the following
| ---> ppp daemon has died! (exit code 1)
| Disconnecting at sun oct 4:20:21:54 1998
| prompt~#  ftp   ftp.debian.org
|                    ftp.debian.org : Host name lookup failure
| ftp>

Could you send the last part of /var/log/ppp.log? Remember to wipe out
your password from the mail before you send it!

| My third problems is getting on line help. I have just the base files
| installed. To get the fill linux OS working I have to download it from the
| net that why I am  configuring the modem.  I need the set of files  that you
| have to install with linux to have the man command working.
| So you can get help by typing say
| man rm

Install the package 'man-db'. You probably also want 'manpages'.

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