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Re: printing problems

thanks, I have gotten it to work, partly.  Those files will help greatly.
I've  gotten it to work so far by downloading the new beta of the redhat
"printtools" package and installing it with alien.  It works, but is far
from optimal.  I still would like to get it to print the banner page, and
I still have to figure out how to specify *which tray to be the paper

oh well, any clues greatly appreciated.


On Fri, 2 Oct 1998, Dirk Bonne wrote:

> Bradley Bell wrote:
> > 
> > I need to print to an HP Laserjet 5Si printer which is hooked up to a
> > netware network,
> > 
> > Can anybody point me to any resources on printing to netware printers?
> > 
> > I've studied and tried every trick in the IPX- and Printing-HOWTO, and
> > the instructions there are pretty insufficient when it comes to this
> > problem.
> > 
> > At the moment, I can almost print text files using nprint, but they come
> > out staircased and sideways, and with no banner page.
> > 
> > If anybody else has gotten this working, can I see your printcap and
> > filter files?
> Yeah, it works fine here. I use a combination of magicfilter (debian
> package) and nprint. We have a number of printers all hooked up to a
> host called "ics1". I wrote a wrapper for nprint to make the
> authentification and to be able to send data to nprint by stdin.
> Attached are the makefiles, source, printcap, and a magicfilter file for
> one of the printers.
> My set up is like this:
> /etc/printer/ics1/.nwclient --> authentification (holds "ICS1/username
> password")
>                  /Makefile  --> rules to make a printer
>                  /tess-ps-1 --> one of the printers.
>                  /nw-printer.c --> source to generate a wrapper for each
> printer
>                  /tess-ps   --> a wrapper binary generated by the
> makefile
> You will probably need to make small changes to Makefile and printcap.
> Also change a magicfilter generate filter to get it to use the wrapper.
> Hope the attachments help you on your way,
> Dirk

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