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Re: Soft reboot = hard drive not recognized

My computer does not have PNP support in the BIOS (it is from 1993).  I do use "Auto" for the drive type in the BIOS, though.

>>> Michael Beattie <mickyb@es.co.nz> 10/1/98 8:01:11 PM >>>
On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Kent West wrote:

> At 04:41 PM 10/1/1998 -0400, Jeff Miller wrote:
> >Hi all:
> >
> >I have had a problem ever since I installed Debian on my Dell P60
> computer.  If I cold boot (power on) the computer Linux starts up with no
> problems.  But, if I perform a warm boot (ctrl-alt-del etc.) my hard drive
> isn't recognized.  It is almost as if the drive has been dismounted by the
> BIOS.  The drive is nothing special (Western Digital 540MB) and it is
> connected directly to the motherboard.  Anyone else experience this type of
> problem?
> >
> >TIA
> >
> >Jeff Miller
> >
> >
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> Not specifically, but I've seen network cards get lost. It's related to
> Plug&GuessAgain. The BIOS thinks it needs to reassign IRQs (for the HD
> controller, maybe), but the hardware (HD Controller) never lost it's power
> or got a reset signal, so it's holding onto the old IRQ. The BIOS sees that
> IRQ is being used and so assigns a new one to the hardware but the hardware
> doesn't accept it since it already has one.
> Or something like that.

There's a BIOS option for that isnt there? (cant reboot now to check) But
I had to use it when I got the same sort of problem with my soundcard.
Something to do with Updating the ESCD. Damn... sometimes I wish I was
in win9x so I had to reboot sometime.. :) Anyway, its in a menu selection
on its own, with something like "PNP OS installed: Y/N" there with it.
have a play, never did my box any harm. :)

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