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Re: Soft reboot = hard drive not recognized

At 04:41 PM 10/1/1998 -0400, Jeff Miller wrote:
>Hi all:
>I have had a problem ever since I installed Debian on my Dell P60
computer.  If I cold boot (power on) the computer Linux starts up with no
problems.  But, if I perform a warm boot (ctrl-alt-del etc.) my hard drive
isn't recognized.  It is almost as if the drive has been dismounted by the
BIOS.  The drive is nothing special (Western Digital 540MB) and it is
connected directly to the motherboard.  Anyone else experience this type of
>Jeff Miller
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Not specifically, but I've seen network cards get lost. It's related to
Plug&GuessAgain. The BIOS thinks it needs to reassign IRQs (for the HD
controller, maybe), but the hardware (HD Controller) never lost it's power
or got a reset signal, so it's holding onto the old IRQ. The BIOS sees that
IRQ is being used and so assigns a new one to the hardware but the hardware
doesn't accept it since it already has one.

Or something like that.

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