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Re: GCC profiling

On 1 Oct 1998, Ole J. Tetlie wrote:
> *-Jimen Ching <jching@flex.com>
> | 	I can't seem to get profiling to work on hamm.  Do I need to do
> | something special to get profiling to work?  Thanks in advance.
> It should be just a matter of compiling and linking with -pg
> (and running gprof afterwards). What exactly have you done?

I used -p.  I believe I also tried -pg and got the same result.  I'll try
again with -pg, but I know -p doesn't work.  I also installed the
profiling libs.  But it shouldn't matter, as profiling shouldn't depend on
the libraries.  This is with gcc package.  I haven't tried with the egcs
package yet.

Did you try -pg and generate the gmon.out file?

Jimen Ching (WH6BRR)      jching@flex.com     wh6brr@uhm.ampr.org

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