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Re: Getting back into X after C-Alt-Fn'ing out.

Christopher Barry wrote:
> I read some email in the Debian list a few minutes ago that said you can
> switch to a text mode virtual console from X by using Control-Alt-Fn and
> thought "cool, I always wondered if there was a way to do that... I
> think I'll try it right now!" So I did and then I could not for the life
> of me figure out how to get back into X. No manpages, info pages,
> /usr/doc wildcard greps etc gave me anything useful. As a last resort I
> removed the lock file and tried to isolate and SIGKILL xinit and
> WindowMaker and every X related process I could find and I still
> couldn't get back into X by restarting it, so I ended up *rebooting*.
> So, you guys can probably figure out what my question is.... :)

Alt-F7 should return you to the VC that's running X.

> Also, one other question. Is it possible to start two seperate X
> sessions, so that you could say have one X session running WindowMaker
> and the other one running E or something else, and switch between them
> via control-alt-fn or whatever?

I haven't a clue.
> Thanks,
> Christopher


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