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crypt++el 2.84-2 mistakenly identifies file as Mac format


I wasted a lot of time today figuring out why I couldn't read
pgp-encrypted files into emacs any more, even though pgp works fine
from a shell command line.  The problem is that the 'Mac pattern in
crypt-encoding-alist is far too general, apparently causing my
encrypted files to be interpreted as if they were in Macintosh
format.  The bogus decoding that results completely messes up the

I am working around the problem by setting crypt-auto-decode-buffer to
nil so that I get a chance to ignore the bogus decoding.  With that, I
can read my PGP files again.

It seems that any file in which the first \r character occurs before
the first \n character and is immediately followed by any character
other than \n will be interpreted as Macintosh format!  It's been a
while since my last probability/combinatorics class, but I think that,
on average, roughly 50% of binary files will match that pattern.
There's got to be a better way.

Fred Yankowski

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