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Re: masqdialer

On Mon, 28 Sep 1998, Christopher J. Morrone wrote:

> Has anyone gotten masqdialer to work with a Debian dist?  I currently have
> a debian box set up to do IP masquerading, and I use the Debian pon and
> poff to start and stop the PPP dial-up connection.
> First of all, is there an easy way to make pon and poff executable by
> everyone?  (Or maybe only certain people?)
> And is there then an easy way to just have masqdialer use the Debian pon
> and poff?

I don't know what masqdialer is but an alternative way to do what I think
you want is with diald.  This is described in a couple of mini howto's and
is, if I dare make this claim, sort of the standard way to asynchronously
access a dialup line without having to manually establish the connection
(with pon, for example).  I have a small network at home with a Debian box
serving as the gateway.  It has IP Masquerade and diald installed and
configured.  It has an Ethernet card in it for connection to a small LAN
we have with a couple of other PCs (running Win95).  I have a simple one
IP address internet account with my ISP.  Whenever there is IP traffic,
either from the Linux machine or the Win95 machines, diald automatically
dials the modem and establishes the ppp connection.  IP Masq takes care of
remapping the IP addresses (or however it should be more accurately
described) from the machines on the LAN.  Everybody as Internet access,
and the dialup circuit is used only on demand.

Hope this helps...

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