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Re: Weird stuff in X

Alexander Stavitsky wrote:
> Adam Klein wrote:
> > I have a Diamond Viper V330, and in X at 1024x768x32bpp, it behaves
> > strangely.  When I scroll or move a window, little blips come up on the
> > screen.  They go away when I stop.  Does anyone know how to get rid of
> > this?
> It is a documented problem with riva128 driver.
> It happens when high dot clock is used. Try to change modeline
> to lower dotclock to see if you can find a dotclock that
> doesn't give you blips, yet high enough for refresh rate to be reasonable.
> It also might help to switch to 16 bit color (I think).

Might, but doesn't have to!
I've got STB Velocity 128 Riva 128 graphics card and experience the same
annoying `flickering' at 1280x1024x16bpp (91kHz /85 Hz).

If you solve it - I'm also interested in the solution.


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