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newbie help....

just switched to debian anmd run into some problems...

- first of all i want my favourite mailreader back: pine. 
the problem is, that the version for thesrc and diffs is 3.96 and i want
to sue as before 4.03...

now when i try to build pine by hand i get the following message: 
05:34:36 yoda:~/tmp/pine4.03$ build slx
Cannot stat debian/rules

i am quite clueless about this message..... what shall i do to get a
working copy? How hard is it to make  a debian package out of it?

- then i use dselect to install or remove packages, i use a nearby mirror
and wanted to include the non-US part, but:
getting: dists/stable/non-US/binary-i386/pgp-us_2.6.3a-4.deb (283332)
dists/stable/non-US/binary-i386/pgp-i_2.6.3a-4.deb: No such file or

the path is wrong.... i have set the path to
dists/stable/main dists/stable/non-free dists/stable/contrib

the last one since the stable link in non-US pointed on bo and not hamm
(which i have...)

and BTW when retrieving the Package listings, dselect get's it right:
Login as anonymous...
Setting transfer mode to binary...
Cd to `/debian'...
Checking dists/stable/main/binary-i386...
Checking dists/stable/non-free/binary-i386...
Checking dists/stable/contrib/binary-i386...
Checking /pub/mirror/non-us.debian.org/debian-non-US/hamm/binary-i386...
Closing ftp connection...
Getting Packages files...(stop with ^C)
etc. without a prob...

so how get it right?

- when the bandwith on our ethernet sinks due mainly to a very slick
M$-proggy, my brand new debian system looses its system name (at least i
noticed this every time the network was out for several minutes...) the
name beeing replaced by a '-f'....

that's quite annoying since it also affects my rights to the display (after
that impossible to open a new X-app...), what can i do against it? (su'ing
and resetting the system name isn't very interesting...) 

- i just got from Conrad Electronics a DCF-77 module that can be attached
to serial port of my computer, there even was a software delivered for it
but for DOS... serail number on it is WT-102S Radio controlled clock.... is
there any software for GNU/Linux debian to make a ntp-server with such a

thanks for any help
ciao bboett
the total amount of intelligence on earth is constant.
human population is growing....

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