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More hard disk woes

I have a system with a WD 2GB IDE drive that has started acting flaky -
when I tried to upgrade from bo I got a thoroughly corrupted filesystem
(files and directories becoming block special files that could not be
deleted, lots of filesystem errors), so I re-installed hamm from scratch
with a re-format of the disk. Unfortunately I have now started to lose
files and directories again.  Running e2fsck produced a lot of files in

I would just go and replace the disk drive were it not for the fact that
during my installation of hamm from CD-ROM the installation paused a
number of times giving errors from the CD-ROM drive:

IRQ timeout
Status 0xd0

Although the installation seemed to work OK initially, this makes me
wonder if I have a flaky IDE controller on the motherboard (in which
case a new PC may be the better option given its age - Pentium 100

Does anyone have any idea whether the above points to controller or
disk failure, or know how I could determine which was at fault?

Thanks for any pointers,


Dr Kevin Scott
Philips Electronics UK Limited
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