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Re: Connecting to NT share via samba

At 08:53 PM 9/21/1998 +0200, you wrote:
>On: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 16:35:34 -0500 (CDT) Kent West writes:
>> I'm new to Linux/Unix/Debian/Samba. I've got Samba installed on a hamm 
>> box, but when I try to connect to an NT share I always get connected as 
>> guest. My username on the Debian box is westk. My username on the NT box 
>> is West Kent. I'm using the command:
>>   smbclient \\\\luke\\pc_apps -n West Kent
>> It asks for a password, then reports "connectected as guest 
>> security=user" and I don't have the access on the NT box that I should
>> I've also tried putting my NT username in double-quotes, single-quotes, 
>> and I've tried West_Kent and West$Kent.
>IIRC, -U username is the correct parameter.  To include the space in
>the username, use -U "West Kent".
>	Torsten
>BTW:  -n is related to the machines name IIRC.

I tried "West Kent"; no difference. So I figured to make things simpler; I
built an NT account for "Bubba" and logged in as him from my Linux box.
Again, Linux/Samba reports that I am logged in as guest and I don't have
the access I should have.

BTW, I'm fairly new to internet/Linux-speak; what's "IIRC"? (Sorry for my

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