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Re: smail and domains SOLVED

> For some reason, I can't convince smail to expand hostnames to contain
> the complete host and domain name.  For example, I want to send mail
> to a user on leland.stanford.edu from my Debian box which is also in
> the stanford.edu domain.  I should be able to mail user@leland and it
> should go through.  I thought this would be resolved by setting up an
> /etc/smail/qualify file with the following line in it:
> * stanford.edu
> That didn't do the trick.  I added "domains=stanford.edu" to
> /etc/smail/config but that didn't do it either.  Is there anything
> else I need to do?  BTW, I'm using elm if it matters.

Judging from the overly enthusiastic response, no one knew the
answer.  I just figured out the solution so I'm posting it for the
benefit of those who actually go through the mailing list archives
searching for answers (like I do).

The solution was to edit the /etc/smail/routers file and add


under the inet_hosts heading.  I don't know why the qualify file
didn't do the trick.


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