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Re: problem with installation

At 08:53 AM 9/18/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>bianxu@263.net writes:
>[stuff deleted]
>> Maybe someone would tell me how to install linux with floppys exactly.

I assume you have the 5 or 6 images (resc1440.bin, etc) in a directory on a
DOS (or Win9x/NT) machine. You also need rawrite2.exe (or the older
rawrite.exe). You can get this file from the same place you got the other

Go to a DOS prompt and change dirs to the directory where the files are. Type:
   rawrite2 <enter>
You'll be asked for a source file and a destination. For source, enter the
name of the first file image (resc1440.bin). Make sure you have a floppy in
the A (or B) drive. Floppies are notoriously "iffy" for this process, so
you might want to make sure you've got good (new?) freshly-formatted floppies.

For destination, enter the drive letter of the floppy.

Then you'll see a message about copying the image.

Repeat the above steps for each of the other file images (except not for
rawrite2.exe itself). You'll want to label the floppies as you go so you
don't get confused later as to which floppy is which (Rescue Disk, Base 1,
Base 2, etc).

After the last floppy has been created, you should be able to boot off the
Rescue Disk (resc1440.bin). You'll also need one more floppy in order to
make a boot disk later during the install.

Success to you!

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