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Re: LPRng and banners...

On Thu, Sep 17, 1998 at 03:56:07PM +0300, Juha Ylitalo wrote:
> I am trying to setup Linux printer spooler for our UNIX machines with
> latest stable debian and its LPRng and CTI-ifhp filters, all taken from
> debian packages (except 2.0.35 kernel, which I compiled myself to get
> automounter work).
> Basic printing appears to be working without any problems to my test
> printer, which is HP's Laserjet 4Si with IP address. Only problem is
> that when people are doing pretty massive printing, you need some real
> banners to those print jobs. So far only banner that I've managed to
> create has been "
> User: jylitalo
> Host: foobar.at.somewhere.com
> Class: A
> Job: brief.ps
> " in pretty standard text format regardless what I have in my printcap. 
> To give you some idea about what I've been trying, here is copy of my
> latest printcap:"
> h51mps|rlp
>         :lp=h51mps@h51mps.ntc.nokia.com
>         :sd=/var/spool/lpd/h51mps
>         :fx=flpv
> #       :if=/usr/lib/CTI-Print/bin/ifhp
>         :of=/usr/lib/CTI-Print/bin/ofhp
>         :vf=/usr/lib/CTI-Print/bin/ifhp -c
>         :sb@
>         :bp=/usr/lib/CTI-Print/bin/psbanner.sh
>         :ps=/tmp/foobar.status
> #         :mx#0
> #         :sh
> "
> I've also tried to use banner.sh instead of psbanner.sh, but no visual
> effect :(

I haven't experience with CTI-ifhp and banners but I tested shortly
and my printcap:

lp|lj|hplj|toshiba|HP Laserjet:\

with /usr/sbin/lpbanner and /usr/sbin/lpf from lprng, and
/usr/sbin/ljet2p-filter from magic-filter

is working.


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