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Re: being dropped from the list


On Wed, Sep 16, 1998 at 09:37:04PM -0000, Darren Benham wrote

(sorry for that account, but it's the one where my
listmaster-mails are coming to me)

On 16-Sep-98 Ralph Winslow wrote:

> It seems that everytime my ISP has the slightest interrruption of
> e-mail service, I get unsubscribed to this list.  Might it be 

you should define slightest :-) Our listserver count the
bounces someone is having at (actually) at the count of 10
he unsubscribes him from the particular list. debian-user
is a high-traffic list and the count of 10 is reached

> possible to make the list distribution software a little less
> bitchy (perhaps I should say sensitive) about this?   It doesn't
> happen often, and it takes me a while to figure out what's
> happened and re-subscribe.  This is especially true because
> some of the less heavily traffic debian lists continue to work.

well - see above why the low-traffic-lists are going on.
Mostly when we (Joey and me) unsubscribe manually, we get
the person from all the lists. If smartlist does it by
itself, it does it list-per-list. But I won't make the
software less sensitive - there are enough bounces per day
we receive...

Ciao, Hanno
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