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Remote mail broken - what is wrong?

Local mail works OK but I can't either send or receive mail remotely in
debian (this is sent from redhat).

The logfile says:

09/17/1998 07:46:51: remote punt-21.mail.demon.net[]:
'<ac@achc.demon.co.uk>' <ac@achc.demon.co.uk> recipient for sender
'redhat-list-request@redhat.com' not matched: (ERR_104) security
violation: remote address not permitted

09/17/1998 07:03:02: [m0zJPP4-000m9pC] Deferred TO:acampbell@cix.co.uk
ERROR:(ERR164) router inet_hosts: BIND server failure: : Connection

As far as I can see, hostname and aliases are correct. Can anyone tell me
what is going on?


Anthony Campbell	   Using Linux - Windows-free zone

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