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re: netscape 4 mail reader

On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, Ralph Winslow wrote:

>Shaleh wrote:
>> 3) click the communicator menu and chose mailbox
>Thanks for your prompt replies, Shaleh.  Unfortunately, I don't seem
>to have any icons at all in the lower right hand corner nor any
>communicator menu.  I guess I chose the wrong package to pull from
>netscape or something.

it is possible to download 'navigator only' versions of communicator which
do not include the mail or news clients.  or any of the other bits they
decide we want to use.  (personally I find that icon box in the bottom
right hand annoying as hell!).

as for the earlier questions of pop3 mail handlers, I would suggest
fetchmail.  I think it's packaged.

finally, the following works far better for me than anything netscape has
come up with yet:


- dave


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