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Re: q: Web/Mail Server

>1. Should I move to Apache, even if I don't need that much power?
>   Would it be best because everyone else is running Apache and I
>   can get better support?

Do you need better support? I don't think you need Apache, but it could
be wrong to install it.

>2. Before I place this online, is there any suggestions anyone would
>   make that would help secure the box before placing it online?
>   Are there any specific packages I should not have installed?

Only install what you need.

>   I should let you know, I will have it behind a Cisco 765 ADSL
>   Router with Firewall/Packet Filtering, I plan to filter
>   everything coming in out and I will only allow port 80 that is
>   coming in for the Server's IP address.

This should be very secure, but I'm no expert.

>3. Lastly, I would also like to use it as a Mail Server.  Should
>   I just use Sendmail?  or is there another package that would
>   be easier to use and manage?

Do you know sendmail. If you don't, use another MTA. I think Exim or
qmail (avail. as source package) are good choices. I don't know Smail.

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