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Re: CDE for Debian

On Tue, Sep 15, 1998 at 01:03:44PM -0500, Matthew A. Reklau wrote:
> Is there a version of CDE available for Debian releases and if so where
> and cost please.

Well The Debian Project is devoted to Free software and CDE is not free
so it is not part of debian. ALso...There is no version which is
even free enough to be packaged and distributed in non-free.

This does NOT mean however that there is NO version of CDE that you can 
buy and use. RedHat software puts out a version of CDE for linux.

This version is not "For Debian Systems" but...it is CDE and it is for 
a Linux system which has many similarities to Debian....
I recently purchased Applixware from RedHat and it installed and works
just fine on my Debian system.

Has anyone here tried RedHat's CDE on Debian? I havn't (can't
afford it...well I COULD but imnot motivated enough to afford it)

You might want to try to contact RedHat and see what they think...
I would bet their opinion will be biased (but then again if you ask
me as a Debian Developer which distribuion I like the best...well
can you predict the answer?) but...it can't hurt to ask.


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