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PNP sound card lack of knowledge (or stupidity <g>)

i have a pnp SoundBlaster16, which was not in my computer when I installed
Debian originally.
trying to configure it I have read through the isapnpconfig stuff.
What I now know is that to get it to work, I must configure the pnp then load
some driver/module.

the isapnp stuff seems fairly easy to do, but as I run Linux with loadlin from
DOS, and I already configure it with the creative CTCM pnp configuration
software, I don't think I need to use isapnpconfig.

So, when I go into Linux, my SB16 card looks like a non PNP device, ie it is
set up, so what I need to know is, what do I do to make linux recognise it

I couldn't find any modules in the lib/modules/2.whatever/ directory that
looked like they might pertain to sound, so I assume it is already built into
the kernel that I d/l off debian.org?

is it just a matter of configuration files, and if so which ones?

if you can just point me in the right direction, I'm sure I'll be able to sort
it out (cos I'm getting the hang of Debian now!!!)

Oh, is there anything you have to do as well to get sound to work in X?

(plus am I correct about all this PNP stuff above?)

I will be really grateful for your replies.

Skunk Pussy


Tamagotchi Server:   telnet://skunkpussy.dyn.ml.org:9111 (when I'm online)

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