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Debian Questions - Newbie-ish

What I'd really like is a "Debian for NetBSD People" guide, but, failing
that, maybe a couple kind souls out there can answer some questions I've

Note: I'm not running Debian yet - I'm running NetBSD-current - but I
think I'm going to give Debian a try for a while. I'll clear out a mostly
unused partition and have at it. :)

My questions:

1) Once I've got everything installed in a basic way, how do I build and
install the world myself? In NetBSD, it's as easy as "cd /usr/src ; make
build". What's the Debian equivalent?

2) What would you folks recommend as a boot manager that'll seamlessly
choose between NetBSD and Debian, letting me set the default arbitrarily?

3) Is there an equivalent to the NetBSD practise of a nightly sup of
current sources?

4) How "automated" is the Debian package system? For instance, NetBSD will,
if presented with a package that requires something which doesn't exist
on the current system, ftp the package sources and build the package, etc.
If *that* package requires something else, it'll recursively snag everything
needed, ftping everything by itself and requiring no user intervention. Does
the Debian package system do this?

5) Is tcpwrappers a standard part of the system? What about IP-NAT? UUCP?

Thanks in advance for the help. If I like Debian enough after using it for
a while, I'll give serious thought to switching over to it as my primary OS.
(I'll likely end up running it on on an i386 and a mac68k, FWIW.)

Mason Loring Bliss..mason@acheron.middleboro.ma.us..acheron.dyn.ml.org/mason
"In the drowsy dark cave of the mind dreams build their nest with fragments
  dropped from day's caravan."--Rabindranath Tagore..awake ? sleep : dream;

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