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Re: OFF TOPIC: where did MICROPOLIS go?

On 09/11/98 at 04:59 PM, "Chris Mc." <jack_mioff@hotmail.com> said:

>sorry to be a pain, but does anyone know what ever happened to 
>Micropolis Corp.? I found an old 3243 4.3gig SCSI drive that I need
>info  on. I've searched for Micropolis, but the phone numbers and web
>sites I  found are all dead. Did someone take them over?

Metacrawler search - Micropolis 3243 SCSI


Specs and link to config info


A computer virus can be said to either 1) trash your hard drive, 2) lock
up your computer, or 3) slow down your computer over time.

Sounds like windows to me.

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