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Re: Debian 2.0 & Cheaper Bytes

> Recently picked up a copy of Debian 2.0 from
> CheaperBytes discount place, 4 cdrom set.
> My question(s):  Has anyone else purchased
> the Cheaper Bytes CD's?  And is the version being 
> distributed by Cheaper Bytes the same in layout 
> etc as that which DebIan have on the net?

I have that set, but I haven't used it very much
because I upgraded using a hamm beta CD.  I
think that the layout might be a little 
different than in some other places, but the
important parts are the same.  What I mean is
Cheap Bytes adds some additional stuff on each CD
but it shouldn't get in the way. 
> When installing I run into a problem of 
> the install program not being able to 
> find the directories where the rpm's
> are installed.  It keeps prompting me for the path
> to the necessary rpm's.  After several Slackware
> and Redhat installations I find this part of the
> DebIan installation to be rather confused and confusing.
> Either the DebIan distribution is
> extremely poor in this area or the Cheaper Bytes
> distribution has strayed from what originated
> with DebIan.  I have printed out the directories of
> both the binary and src cdroms with the intent of
> taking another run at this installation.

Ok, I'm not sure if I follow you and I'm not at my Debian
machine right now, but I'll give it a shot.  

The problem is with dselect (for which a replacement
is being developed).  Dselect asks for a path to the
top portion of each of the each of the main branches.
I think it ask for main, contrib, non-free, non-us.  
Dselect asks for paths to each of them because different
CD vendors (or ftp sites) can have different paths
to get to these branches of the distribution.  But
once you get to the "root" of each branch, the
structure should be the same.

In fact, in this case, the different branches are on
different CDs.  The main distribution (which has all of
the most important stuff and is probably the only one
you should worry about for now) is on the Binary CD. 
Contrib is on one of the Extras CDs and Non-free is on
the other.  If you need any non-US stuff (like pgp or
ssh) you'll probably have to use ftp.

Anyway, you with your printed copy of the directories
you should be able to get answer the question about
the path to the main part of the distribution.  Leave
the other parts blank, since I assume you only have 1
CD drive.

Oh, and by the way they're debs here, not rpms ;)
> Would appreciate any pointers as to what this apparent
> lack of direction to the proper install directories
> might mean.
> Oh yes, I'm installing onto a single processor Pentium
> system with 64 meg of memory, and 8 gig of disk.  It
> has run both Slackware and RedHat with no problem.  The
> CDROM is scsi based and the DebIan distribution does
> correctly recognize the controller UF14 so that's not a
> problem. 
Yeah, its not a hardware problem.

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crumley@belka.space.umn.edu |
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