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Re: linux

On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, W.N. Beukers wrote:

> dear sirs,
> I have a 486 pc  with 248MB harddrive space and 16MB Ram memory.
> I want to turn this pc in a mailserver running under linux.
> Can you tell me if i have enough space on my harddisk to fit both the
> minimum required packages (to ask as mailserver) and MS-dos.

If the machine is supposed to act as mailserver, you don't want to boot it
ever: There is quite good DOS support in LinUX nowadays using dosemu !
Don't know what exactly you need DOS for though...

I'd say it should just about fit, all you need is a base system (i.e the
base Debian packages) and a smtp agent like sendmail, qmailer, smail or
exim, which are all packaged with Debian. 

16 MB main memory might be a bit tight but it should work fine in
priciple... You should reserve at least 32 MB harddisk space for a swap
partition, though.


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