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Re: What is MARK in /var/log/messages

Andy Spiegl writes:

> > This is syslogd's heartbeat - it tells you that the logger is
> > still alive and well.
> >        -m interval
> >               The syslogd logs a mark  timestamp  regularly.  The
> >               default interval between two -- MARK -- lines is 20
> >               minutes. This can be changed with this option.
> Thanks a lot!  Now I am wondering what I would have to put in syslog.conf
> so that those marks go to a special file, say /var/log/syslog.heartbeat.log

Adding the following line to your syslog.conf will do:

mark.*			/var/log/syslog.heartbeat.log

To eliminate -- MARK -- lines in /var/log/syslog, change the following

*.*;auth,authpriv,mark.none     -/var/log/syslog


> Maybe that's not possible, though.  At least I couldn't find any hint.

Hope this helps.

Hong Huang

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