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epkg /usr/local/ package management

I find myself installing things in /usr/local/ occationally.  There is
a type of "package management" system exclusively for /usr/local/.

For folks who do install things in /usr/local/, you may be interested
in the following:

and some more info can be found at

The first URL is a page where you can download "epkg" a more advanced
version of "encap," which is described in the second URL.

Encap package management basically takes precompiled binaries and
makes symlinks for you in the appropriate places of /usr/local/.  It's
nothing that couldn't be done manually, but if you install something
largish or several packages in /usr/local, then it may help.

For example, an encap package is simply a tarball; typically it is
extracted into /usr/local/encap, making the following directories:


Symlinks are then made from /usr/local/encap/<packagename>/bin to
/usr/local/bin and so on and so forth.

The definition is a bit sketchy, but if you're interested, check out
the web pages.

There is a distribution, Nomad (www.nomadlinux.com) based entirely on
this system, and the developing University of Illinois Linux distrib
is based on this.

I find epkg works great with dpkg -- the two never know each other
exist, and they never get in each other's way (so to speak).  Epkg is
entirely /usr/local, and dpkg handles the rest.

I thought perhaps someone would find this useful, especially if you
play around in /usr/local often.  I used it to install xemacs 20.3,
because xemacs 20.4 has the gpm console ctrl-z bug.

Just thought someone might be interested!

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