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Re: HELP: More Problems Configuring Email

    Denis, go to the "FAQ-O-MATIC" at the debian site
(www.debian.org), and find the FAQ about SMAIL configuration
for dynamic accounts (you _do_ have a single-user dynamic

    And if you have a dynamic IP account, also change the
visible name to your ISP's domain name (for example,
isp.com) without the "@" symbol or the username.  I have
no idea what the extra "postmaster" line will do to an
smail config.  It appears to be something that belongs in
your /etc/aliases file if at all.

    Disregard this reply if you have your own domain with
more than one user account with your ISP.  Hope it helps.
Anyone else...corrections, additions, etc.?


On Sun, Sep 06, 1998 at 11:32:33PM -0400, DMDP wrote:
> Okay ...
> I have uninstalled SENDMAIL and reinstall SMAIL.
> I can send e-mail, however I cannot recieve e-mail.
> When I send it, the Return-Path line on the e-mail reads <root>.
> In my SMAIL config file, I have changed the visible name to my full e-mail
> address: dmdp@miracle.net, and change the hostdomain to miracle.net.  I have
> also added a line postmaster=dmdp@miracle.net.
> I don't know what else to do.
> Thanks,
> Denis
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