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Subject: Fwd: [humorix] Indian Legends Predicted Linux Revolution

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>Subject: [humorix] Indian Legends Predicted Linux Revolution

Indian Legends Predicted Linux Revolution

NAVAJO NATION, NM -- A Native Amercian archeological
convention held in northern New Mexico last week turned up
some startling revelations.  Evidence unearthed from
ancient Indians seems to indicate that they predicted
events in the modern computer industry.  One archeologist
explains, "Rock paintings, oral legends, and word meanings
seem to foretell, in part, recent events."

Rock paintings found near the Four Corners region depict
scenes reminescent of today.  "One painting shows a man
with disheveled hair clutching huge wads of green paper. 
The man is surrounded by hoards of sad people handing over
green sheafs of paper and staring into rectangular blue
things.  Another nearby rock painting shows a different
scene.  In it a huge animal -- what appears to be a penguin
- -- is charging after the man with disheveled hair and green
papers," one archeologist explained in a speech.

Ancient Indian words are also suggestive.  In the keynote
address, a prominent archeologist said, "The ancient word
'whindowez' means 'white faced man staring into blue'. 
'Mikroshopf' refers to a 'powerful enemy who sweeps from
the North and conquers many'.  Finally, 'Lennuhks' means
'great liberator'. I'd be willing to bet money that the
Ancient Ones knew what was to come in regards to Microsoft,
Linux, and the Open Source Revolution."

One oral legend passed down through the generations matches
current events almost perfectly.  In it, a powerful enemy
sweeps in and conquers all tribes.  The enemy has
unbeatable weapons.  The conquered tribes slowly become
assimilated into the enemy's kingdom.  One wise man,
however, develops a weapon that is invincible to the
enemy.  The wise man openly shares the secret of the
weapon's construction to his fellow tribesman.  They are
able to destroy the enemy, which can't figure
out how to produce the new weapon."

The general consensus at the convention was that all known
evidence points to an understanding of events to come
thousands of years later.  "We're not sure how the Ancient
Ones knew about computers.  We do know, however, that they
were exactly right.  Microsoft, the 'powerful enemy' from
the legend, is failing because it can't complete its new
weapon, Windows NT 5.0.  Everyone else, already has a
weapon, Linux, and they are kicking Microsoft's butt
with it!"

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James S. Baughn


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