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Re: wmaker 0.19

On 6 Sep 98 00:15:15 GMT, dnaden@inforamp.net (Damir J. Naden) wrote:

>I can run windowmaker 0.19.1-1 package on a 2.0 system without problems. Di
>you install debian packaged version? Did you get any errors during the
>installation phase? I know that libproplist needed to be upgraded to 0.8*
>package; but I haven't tried it without libprop being already upgraded

Cut and pasted directly from the Debian bug-tracking system, where
this has been reported.  Try both of these things, which might (or
might not) work.  I'm having the same problem myself, but haven't
tried the second option yet.

 1. As root, run ldconfig. If that fixes it, please report it back to
    me. (I *hope* it doesn't fix it)  [note: look at the bug-reporting
    system to find out who "me" is]

 2. If 1. fails, upgrade to a newer version of xlib6g. You can pick
    the one in debian/hamm/hamm/binary-i386/x11/xlib6g_3.3.2.3-1.deb
    This fixed the problem for another user.

Rob Wilderspin
"But I need it to crash once every few days - 
reboots are the only chance I get to sleep..."
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