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Debian and Reh Hat Questions

Dinesh Nadarajah wrote:
> Couple of questions concerning Debian Linux:
> 1. How can I install .deb packages in RehHat?

        Not likely.  There is a prog called alien that can install a rpm
package on Debian, but it doesn't work all the time.  I don't know if
there is an equivalent for this in RH.  In general, this isn't a good
idea, as there are significant differences between the 2 distributions.
I have used alien to install the netscape-communicator package (.rpm)
from the redhat5.5 cd.  Since debian does not come with a netscape
package, I used the one from redhat (infact that's about the only
reason I orderd the redhat cd!)  And its a lib6c version as well.  It
works fine thank you.  Alien can also create RPM's but I'm not sure
what is required on the input.  I think you can de-package a .dep and
then re-package it into an .rpm, but you might have to edit some of
the install scripts to make RH happy.  Get the book 'Maximum RPM' if
you want to try this.

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