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How to install via nfs, ftp?

I have on one partition (1G) Win95, Fat32. I would like to install
Debian on the rest part of hard disk (2G) but the problem is that
I do not have CD-ROM with the distribution and AFIK there is no way
to install debian from Win95 FAT32 partition so I need to install
debian via internet (ftp, fns). How it is possible?

I used rawrite2 to prepare two 1440 floppies: resc1440.bin
and drv1440.bin (from Linux/debian/dists/stable/main/disks-i386/current/).
I booted compter from floppy resc1440.bin and then installed modules and
drivers from floppy drv1440.bin then configured modules and drivers
(installed support for nfs, eth0, network card) then configured 
network( host name, domain name computer's IP address,...).
After that I chose to install *the base system* via nfs but did not know
"how to type" the  name of nfs server. e.g. I tried
to type 'debian.org/dist but it did not work.

Could someone please explain to me how to install debian
via nfs or ftp ? I mean which floppies should I prepare and
how to type the name of the nfs server ?

Of course I have other possibility to install the base system
from 5 floppies but what then ? The file basecont.txt shows that
the 5 floppies do not contain e.g. ftp.

For now the only way I see to install debian on my computer is
to buy distribution on CD-ROM but it would be faster(earlier) to install
via ftp.

Thanks in advance

Jan Krupa 

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