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Re: Gnome/GTK

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Geoffrey L. Brimhall wrote:
> 1. I happened to have both 1.0.5 and 1.1.x installed on my system. This is the
> first part that really confused building with gnome because they require the
> 1.1.x now, but for some reason my /usr/lib/libgtk.so and libgtk.so.1 pointed to
> libgtk.so.1.0.5 and not to libgtk-1.1.so. So first I had to re-link libgtk.so
> to point to the 1.1.x versions of the gtk. There were many other libraries
> which also had this problem (glib, gdk).

This is the wrong solution, basically you broke it. :-) libgtk-1.1 and
libgtk are separate libraries with different names. They should both be
installed, and the symlinks to 1.1 should all contain -1.1. 

> 2. /usr/bin/gtk-config was configured to report that I was running 1.0.5
> binaries and not 1.1.x. I had to update this file.

gtk-config should probably be in the -dev package (I don't know if it is). 
You should have only *one* -dev package, 1.0 or 1.1. You can have both
non-dev packages.

> However, what I don't understand is not having the above two problems fixed if
> main/devel/libgtk1.1-dev_1.1.1-1.deb is installed, because this should imply a
> person is wanting to do gtk development with the latest stuff.

1.1-dev should probably conflict with the stable -dev. (I assume it does,
I don't know.) If it doesn't conflict I assume both packages contain
/usr/include/gtk/gtk* and I don't know how that works out.

Of course 1.1-dev is more or less useless. If a project is tracking the
development version, it will probably only work with the very latest CVS
version and this package will be too old. If you want to do development
you should either use stable 1.0 or CVS.


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