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Windowmaker 0.17 and fr locales


I've downloaded and installed the Windowmaker 0.17.5-4 i386 package,
and it runs ok on my fresh Hamm. Today, in order to have french
messages and french man pages, i've put an "export LANG=fr" in the
system /etc/profile file.

Now, when i start wmaker, i've a menu that only contains XTerm and
Exit options. The console says : "WindowMaker error : Default DB :
could not access menu menu.hook.fr : no such file or directory".

I remember i've had such a pb on a Red Hat Installation that i've
resolved by editing some buggy config files of WindowMaker. I know
it's a known problem but nothing is said about locales that cover this 
problem. If there is an
elegant solution to solve this problem (not breaking the "menu"
facility), please let me know.

Éric Jacoboni     « J'ai épuisé le tout-venant, je vais me risquer dans
                    le bizarre » (M. Audiard)

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